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We allow businesses – sellers, eCommerce websites,
marketplaces – to frictionlessly age verify their customers, and
maintain positive, come-back-again experiences.

We help you do what you do best. Sell. Compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. With high pass rates, VerifyMyAge ensures happy customers stay happy.

We automate your entire age verification process so you can focus on what you do best: selling.

  • Our eBay compatible app offers plug-&-play integration and instant verification status updates

We ensure seamless integration with top eCommerce platforms. Neither a developer nor technical knowledge is required.

  • eCommerce plug-&-play: instant integration with your eCommerce platform
  • Age verification in less than a minute
  • In-depth insights provided via an intuitive dashboard

Integration in under five minutes.
Verification in under sixty seconds.
No technical knowledge required.

  1. Stealth verification.

    By capturing information from your customers’ orders, our systems seamlessly verify their age.

  2. Non-stealth verification.

    If we cannot verify your customers' ages using their order details, they'll be given a choice of three different, convenient age verification methods.

  3. One-time verification, and instant decisions.

    Customers are only asked to verify once and receive an instant decision. If successful, their order ships as normal.

How VerifyMyAge Works.

Your customers can either verify their age directly – within their browser post-checkout – or indirectly through an email or SMS.

Security and privacy.

Your data is safe.

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit using a combination of 256-bit encryption and hashing algorithms.

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot from over 1000 reviews.

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Why VerifyMyAge.

VerifyMyAge does one thing faster, more effortlessly, and more efficiently than any other solution: age verification. There’s no minimum monthly commitment. No costly setup – and you only pay for successful verifications.

VerifyMyAge is designed to be as efficient and frictionless as possible. Integration is plug-&-play, with no technical expertise required, and five verification methods assure seamless, positive customer experiences.

We don’t want compliance to impact a buyer’s decision to buy. We verify customers post-checkout, once an order has been placed, so there’s no friction and no interruption. Once a customer is verified, they’re always verified, regardless of platform.

We use data gathered from your platform to verify customers’ ages without requiring them to act. If we’re unable to do so, the customer can easily verify themselves through a further choice of three methods.

99.7% of verifications are approved. For those that aren’t, you don’t pay, and there’s no minimum monthly commitment. Our solution scales to you.

VerifyMyAge makes it simple to stay compliant. Through our partnership with Trading Standards, a seller or business that uses our system cannot be asked to perform additional checks, and is protected against fraudulent purchases.

VerifyMyAge is end-to-end automated – including notifications and reminders – requiring no additional input from you. Both sides stay up-to-date, in control, and frustration-free. Account management and data insights are accessed through an intuitive dashboard.

We take care of the legislation so you don’t have to. Through every sale, VerifyMyAge ensures compliance without creating friction in the sales funnel.

Easy integration with your platform or marketplace. No developer required.

We use the latest technology to ensure your customers data is safe with us.

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