Age Verification For Selling Weapons Online.

In order to sell weapons online, you need to comply with age verification laws. VerifyMyAge is an online age verification solution that makes it as easy as possible.

Age verification solution for selling weapons online.

If you’re selling – or planning to sell – weapons such as firearms or knives online, you must make sure you implement an age verification solution to keep in line with legal requirements.

Understandably, the selling of weapons (especially online) is highly regulated, with laws in place to minimise the chances of problematic or dangerous sales.

As an online weapons retailer, it’s your responsibility to comply with these rules to protect both yourself and others.

VerifyMyAge is an age verification solution that enables you to check your online customers’ age quickly, easily and seamlessly – resulting in total legal compliance without sacrificing a great user experience!

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Seamless integration.

Our age verification solution can be integrated into your shopping platform seamlessly. It’s built into the checkout process, and visitors will see it as a natural part of their shopping journey, rather than an annoyance or a distraction.

Customer-friendly and secure.

With a range of different verification methods for users to choose from – including ID verification, credit card checks and AI-powered age estimation – you can have customers verified in no time. And, as for their data, sophisticated cryptographic encryption keeps customer information safe and sound.

Legally compliant.

We meet the PAS 1296:2018 Code of Practice for Online Age Verification criteria. VerifiyMyAge takes the pain out of legal age verification compliance and keeps you on the right side of the law, all without frustrating your customers.

Multi-platform integration.

VerifyMyAge integrates with a wide range of popular online marketplace platforms and ecommerce apps. Our integration options include eBay, Shopify and WooCommerce.


Our eBay compatible app seamlessly integrates with your eBay seller account, updating your customers' verification statuses using eBay order notes.


Our Shopify integration is the most efficient Shopify age verification solution. You’ll be up and running with VerifyMyAge in minutes.


Our WooCommerce integration is the most efficient way for you to age verify your customers on WooCommerce.


VerifyMyAge offers a simple and robust API integration designed to be implemented in a matter of minutes.

Weapon sales legislation.

Countries across the world have various laws and regulations that address the need for age verification in weapon sales marketplaces.

In the UK, this is specified across multiple laws. The Offensive Weapons Act from 2019 specifies the need for age verification. The Firearms Licensing Law 2016 covers firearms specifically, and the regulations surrounding them.

It is your responsibility as a seller to ensure that you are complying with all legislation – much of which can be achieved easily with solutions like VerifyMyAge. Our age verification system provides weapon sellers with a process that recognises the danger of selling weapons to underage consumers or those without a licence and ensures full and complete compliance with the law.

Age Assurance Methods.

VerifyMyAge provides age assurance (age verification and age estimation) while ensuring your customers are not distracted from their purchase or online experience. Our solution can be integrated either directly - within the browser post-checkout - or indirectly through email or SMS.

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