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Privacy and discretion is a key feature of a VerifyMyAge age verification. To protect your identity and privacy, VerifyMyAge does not share any data or personally identifiable information with adult websites.
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Adult Site

The only piece of information an adult site will know about you is that you've successfully verified your age. Nothing else.

Safe and Secure

All data you submit during the age verification process is anonymised and encrypted using high-end cryptography. The data is encrypted at rest and in-transit using a combination of 256-bit encryption and hashing algorithms.

We routinely test our systems and are ISO 27001 compliant, following industry standards for information security.


High-end cryptography

256-bit encryption is the highest level of encryption possible, maximising the security of your data.

Data integrity

Hashing and salting your data adds an extra layer of security and confirms the integrity of your data.

Data security

We anonymise your data, and only keep information for as long as necessary, while it is relevant to verification.


GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) is the European Union’s legal framework for protection of personal information. VerifyMyAge is fully compliant with all key principles and requirements of the GDPR.




ISO 27001

KYC AVC UK Ltd has been certified by A-LIGN to ISO 27001 under certificate number ISMS-KY-11920.


PAS 1296:2018

KYC AVC UK Ltd is certified under PAS1296:2018 - the code of practice for online age verification.


KJM approved

Age verification system approved by the German regulator for the protection of minors on online media.