Our Mission

Our mission is to make age verification private, efficient and accessible to businesses of all sizes.


VerifyMyAge was founded out of the frustration of the lack of fit for purpose age verification solutions available to digital businesses. Prior to the inception of VerifyMyAge, age verification was: expensive, complex and often came with onerous contractual terms.

Our Solution is

Priced Fairly

Easy to Use

Age Restricted Products

Age-restricted products are goods and services for which there is a minimum legal age to buy. Trading Standards has a duty to enforce the law relating to a number of age restricted products. It is the responsibility of retailers to ensure they do not sell age-restricted products online to people who are under the minimum legal age.

Our Commitments


Quality is paramount to our business. We value and understand our customers’ requirements. We strive to provide a product which meets and even exceeds their expectations. We are committed to continuous, data driven decisions and improvements, and have established a quality management system which provides a framework for measuring and improving our business & product performance.


We are committed to our customers’, and their end-users’, anonymity. We will not sell sensitive personal or business information to third-parties, or store sensitive personal or business information that is required for purposes other than age-verification. All data is securely stored in a way which complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Customer Requirements

We review the requirements, prior to our commitment to supply. This review ensures:

  • Product requirements are defined and met.
  • Contractual or order requirements, differing from those previously expressed, are resolved.
  • We have the ability to meet the defined requirements, and/or the claims for the products and services it offers.
  • Risks have been identified and considered.

Management & Leadership

We’re committed to the development and implementation of our management system and continually improving its effectiveness by:

  • Taking accountability for the effectiveness of our management system.
  • Ensuring the quality policy and its quality objectives are established for our management system and are compatible with the strategic direction and the context of the organisation.
  • Ensuring the quality policy is communicated, understood and applied within our organisation.
  • Ensuring the integration of our management system requirements into the organisation’s other business processes, as appropriate.
  • Promoting awareness of the process based approach.
  • Ensuring the resources needed for our management system are available.
  • Communicating the importance of effective quality management and of conforming to our management system requirements.
  • Ensuring our management system achieves its intended results.
  • Engaging, directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of our management system.
  • Promoting continual improvement.
  • Supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership, as applicable, to their areas of responsibility.